It’s time to talk about returning to school

Wednesday 27 May 2020

The Council’s Executive Director for bi-Borough Children’s Services, Sarah Newman, has shared some of the reasons that parents with children in reception class, Year 1 and Year 6 should consider sending their children back to school from 1 June.

Some parents have understandable concerns about this. We appreciate that this is an unusual time for families but it’s important that parents are equipped with the facts when making this decision.

In a social media video, Sarah Newman encourages parents to get in touch with their child’s school to hear the latest about their specific arrangements. Schools have been open over the past two months for children of key workers and vulnerable children and they are now adapting their measures to make schools safe for more children and are doing so in a phased manner.

The Council is working closely with schools to ensure they have guidance and equipment for safe learning and social distancing. Parents have done an outstanding job in supporting children while in lockdown, but the classroom is still the most effective place for children to learn and their teachers are best placed to teach, while also seeing to other needs and issues that they face.

Have a conversation with your child’s school where a member of staff will be able to discuss with you their approach and address your specific concerns and how they’re being addressed.

Young people with concerns or worries about their mental health during lockdown may find some help through one of the providers listed in the Council's Knowing Your Mental Health leaflet. 

You can find more information on arrangements and support for parents, children and schools during Coronavirus on the Council's Coronavirus portal.