Public register

Public Register of permitted processes

Please see the table below for electronic copies of the Environmental Permits that have been issued by the Council. If you wish to see the public register please follow this link for details of how to book an appointment.

 Premises Name and permits
1 99 Dry Cleaners [PDF] (file size 524Kb)
2 AA Noble House [PDF] (file size 763Kb)
3 Brompton Specialist Dry Cleaners [PDF] (file size 699Kb)
5 Chase Dry Cleaners [PDF] (file size 505Kb)
6 Chelsea Cleaners [PDF] (file size 517Kb)
7 Chenille Dry Cleaners [PDF] (file size 555Kb)
8 Debonair [PDF] (file size 503Kb)
9 Delux Dry Cleaners [PDF] (file size 510Kb)
10 Elias Cleaners [PDF] (file size 468Kb)
11 Faiza Unique [PDF] (file size 526Kb)
12 Isla Dry Cleaners [PDF] (file size 404Kb)
13 Johnson Cleaners (King’s Road) [PDF] (file size 531Kb)
14 Johnson Cleaners (Sloane Avenue) [PDF] (file size 512Kb)
15 Ken’s Dry Cleaners [PDF] (file size 485Kb)
17 Sparkles Dry Cleaning [PDF] (file size 670Kb)
18 Kensington Valeting [PDF] (file size 526Kb)
19 Kynance Laundry and Dry Cleaning [PDF] (file size 483Kb)
20 Lewis & Wayne [PDF] (file size 474Kb)
21 Melbury Dry Cleaners [PDF] (file size 497Kb)
22MGA Autos, Latimer Road [PDF] (file size 367Kb)
23 One Dry Cleaners Limited [PDF] (file size 526Kb)
24 Perkins Dry Cleaners (Gloucester Road) [PDF] (file size 477Kb)
25 Perkins Dry Cleaners (Holland Park Avenue) [PDF] (file size 449Kb)
26 Portobello Dry Cleaners [PDF] (file size 554Kb)
27 Premier Dry Cleaners [PDF] (file size 399Kb)
28 Reeves of Kensington [PDF] (file size 564Kb)
29 Sheraton Park Tower Hotel [PDF] (file size 697Kb)
30 Spic and Span 103 [PDF] (file size 512Kb)
31 Andrew’s Garage [PDF] (file size 200Kb)
32 Chelsea Cloisters [PDF] (file size 193Kb)
33 Sainsburys, Canal Way [PDF] (file size 386Kb)
34 Shell, Old Brompton Road [PDF] (file size 769Kb)
35 Shell, Tadema Road [PDF] (file size 516Kb)
36 Tesco, Fulham Road [PDF] (file size 228Kb)
37 The Dry Cleaners [PDF] (file size 589Kb)
38Universal: Volkswagan and Audi Specialist, Stable Way [PDF] (file size 253Kb)