Air quality and planning

The Council’s requirements for reducing air pollution emissions from new development, conversions and change of use are set out in the Air Quality Supplementary Planning Document.

Air Quality Supplementary Planning Document [PDF] (file size 2Mb)

The objectives of this guidance are:

  • to highlight the existing policy framework and emphasise the importance of air quality as a material planning consideration
  • to identify the circumstances where emissions assessments and/or low emission strategies will be required for new developments
  • to offer guidance on measures to mitigate potentially harmful impacts of new developments during construction and when occupied
  • to offer guidance on the use of planning conditions and Section 106 obligations to improve air quality
  • to provide guidance on the submission of air quality assessments and where these will be required.

Defra’s Good Practice Guidance on Low Emission Strategies explains the underlying principles of Low Emission Strategies and demonstrates how the planning system may be used to reduce air emissions from transport, including current practice examples.

Low Emission Strategies- using the planning system to reduce transport emissions [PDF] (file size 420Kb)