Avoiding annoyance on site

Careless or thoughtless behaviour on site is likely to sour relations with neighbours even if noise and other restrictions are generally being observed. Good practice suggests that the risk of annoying neighbours can be reduced by paying attention to the following points of good housekeeping, many of which are referred to in the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

The term ‘nuisance’ has a statutory meaning and for enforcement purposes refers to particular nuisances such as noise, dust and smells, although it may also apply to obstructions on the highway and unwanted light. Noise, dust and light are dealt with elsewhere in this Code.

However, there are many other situations that can arise on building sites and which may cause irritation, annoyance and inconvenience and be regarded as nuisances. These are referred to in this advice.

For statutory guidance and best practice and to find out the steps a builder should take to minimise potential irritation and disturbance, read our advice.

Guidance and best practice

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Statutory guidance

Best practice guidance

Advice for residents

If you are experiencing difficulties regarding any aspects contained within the advice for builders and developers, please make a note of what is occurring and the time and date. In the first instance, contact the site manager and discuss the problem to try to negotiate a solution. If the problem persists and the site manager is unwilling to co-operate, please contact Streetline on 020 7361 3001. However, please note that several of these matters cannot be enforced by the Council.