Clinical waste collection service

Information on collection and disposal of clinical waste for residents and businesses

Disposal of needles and sharps

If you are a resident of Kensington and Chelsea and you have a medical condition that means you need to dispose of needles (‘sharps’), the Council can now do this for you. To arrange this please call the Environmental Health Line (anytime Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.30pm except Bank Holidays) on 020 7361 3002 to register for the service. Once you have done this, you can then bring your sharps container (up to three small containers per visit) to our reception (with your completed registration form) at 37 Pembroke Road, W8 6PW during the following periods:

  • Monday (Excluding Bank Holidays): 9am-10am
  • Tuesday: 9am-10am or 3pm-4pm

You must register for the service (by calling 020 7361 3002) before you attend our reception, to deliver your sharps boxes in person.

Disposal of other non-hazardous waste

If you are a resident and have a medical condition that produces non-hazardous offensive waste, then the Council can collect this from your home and get rid of it for you. This can only be booked by calling Environmental Health Line on 020 7361 3002. You will need to complete a registration form, which can be posted or emailed to you. All items must be placed in a tiger sack (yellow bag with black stripe), which must not be filled above the black line (or more than two thirds full). The collection will take place on a Wednesday and a maximum of five sacks will be taken. 

Please note: we will not collect the waste if it has been put in the wrong type of sack; it must be in a tiger sack (a yellow bag with a black stripe). These can be provided on request. 

We do not accept incontinence items, for example, bed-pads, nappies or diapers.

Clinical waste service for businesses

The Council can also provide a collection service to tattooists, travel companies, residents living in private residential care homes or healthcare professionals, for example, pharmacies, GP clinics or dentists. Please contact 020 7361 3002 and ask to speak to the Council's Pest Control Manager to discuss your needs

Last updated: 29 November 2019