Pests in refuse storage areas

Follow these steps to help keep your refuse storage area and your street, free of pests:

  • where possible, secure your refuse storage - there should be no gaps around or beneath the door, and the door should be fitted with a spring-closer, so that it does not remain open (mice can get through a gap as small as 10mm)
  • store all your refuse in a metal dustbin with a securely fitting lid, and make sure the lid is replaced each time it is used
  • ensure there are enough dust-bins to take all the refuse
  • do not store refuse in plastic bags or sacks inside the refuse area; rodents, foxes and cats will tear them open
  • keep the refuse storage area clean - food waste on the floor will attract pests like rodents, foxes, ants and cockroaches
  • only ever put refuse out in the street on refuse collection day - if it is left out overnight or for more than a day, it will be scavenged by pests and end up all over the street
  • do not fly-tip - dispose of your waste properly (if you have any questions about waste disposal, call 020 7361 3002)
  • do not store furniture or building materials in the refuse area - rodents will use them for nesting
  • consider having a pest control professional visit the refuse area regularly; they will monitor rodent infestation and eradicate any infestation before it gets into the living area of your building (the Council can provide a besposke service to meet you needs, please call us on 020 7361 3002 to discuss further)
  • if you think there is an infestation in yours or an adjacent building you should inform the Council immediately