Noise and Nuisance

Noise and nuisance

Information on how to resolve a noise or nuisance problem, including advice for builders and the law.

Report a Noise or Nuisance

Use this online form to report a noise or nuisance problem within the borough.

Resolve a problem with noise or nuisance

The steps you can take to resolve a problem with noise or nuisance

Controlling busking in the Borough - Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs)

How busking is contolled in Kensington and Chelsea.

How you can help to resolve a problem

Advice from the noise and nuisance team on how you can help resolve a problem

Common noise complaints

Information on common noise complaints including air conditioning units and noisy neighbours with details on how the Council takes action.

Avoid causing a nuisance

How can you avoid being a nuisance and stop noise problems arising with your neighbours. Here's a list of some of the most common complaints received by the Council and some tips on how you can avoid being a nusiance.