Greener Borough

Greener Borough

Find out about how the Royal Borough is addressing climate change and reducing emissions. Residents, schools, and businesses can also find tailored information about being green and saving energy and money.

The Council is committed to encourage, support and empower residents to help tackle climate change and reduce energy consumption in their local areas and homes through renewable energy projects.

Do you want to save on your energy bill and generate your own clean electricity? Having your own solar panels can be a smart investment; not only can you save on your energy bill, but you could earn money from the electricity you generate and power your home with clean energy.

Air Quality and Climate Change Action Plan 2016 - 2021

The Council is tackling the twin challenges of climate change and poor air quality together and has put in place a combined Air Quality and Climate Change Action Plan (AQCCAP). Visit the Air Quality and Climate Change Action Plan 2016 - 2021 webpage.

Recent news

Green Fleet Strategy

The Council has recently launched its Green Fleet Strategy and Action Plan (2018-2022) with the aim to reduce carbon emissions and pollution and improve the health and wellbeing of staff by encouraging active travel.

The vehicle fleet used by the Council and its contractors is a major source of carbon and air pollution, therefore it is important the Council addresses this and leads by example in tackling both issues.

The strategy also outlines why it is important to demonstrate best practice and operate more efficiently without compromising business needs. The aims for the period 2018-2022 are:

  • reduce emissions (both GHG emissions and air pollutants) from vehicles used in all Council’s operations
  • encourage active travel amongst fleet users’ / Council drivers to improve their health and wellbeing
  • deliver cultural / behaviour change and lead by example while maintaining service excellence and providing best value for money
Green Fleet Strategy and Action Plan [PDF] (file size 791.52 KB)

Further information

The Plan is supported by a series of appendices giving technical information:

Green Fleet Strategy Technical Appendices [PDF] (file size 543.18 KB)

Green Your Local Area

The Climate Change Team offers free support to help residents and community groups within Kensington and Chelsea to green their local areas and reduce their energy bills. We provide tailored energy efficiency training for green champions and run a free home energy programme scheme for vulnerable borough residents.

Find out more about the Homes4Health project.

The Council is committed to tackling climate change and one of the main priorities in reducing carbon emissions in the borough is to develop community owned energy projects and increase the solar uptake in the borough. The RBKC Climate Change Team is working with Repowering London , a not-for-profit organisation to develop the North Kensington Community Energy (NKCE) project, which is the first community-owned energy enterprise/power station in Kensington and Chelsea.

Find out more about the North Kensington Community project.

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