Additional needs support

Additional needs support packages

We can provide additional support for children with medium to high-level needs.

Before we can provide any extra support, we undertake an assessment which needs to be signed off by an appropriate manager. Assessments can be undertaken by:

Holiday play provision

Additional needs support package: two to three days per week of care.

Holiday clubs provide mainstream or specialist play activities. An assessment will help us choose the most suitable play setting and support level for your child.

For more information talk to our staff in the Children with Disabilities Team.


We provide help with transport to families who have difficulty getting to and from St Quintin Centre. 

We give priority to families who:

  • live more than a mile from St Quintin
  • do not have a family car available
  • need to bring sibilings or other children along when they collect their child from the centre
  • have a child with a severe disability that makes it extremely difficult to collect them from the centre


Additional needs support package: up to four hours of homecare or home sitting.

NHS Continuing Care offers support for children and young people under 18 who need a tailored package of care because of their disability, an accident or illness.

Direct payments

Direct payments are payments for parents or carers who:

  • have been assessed and need help from social services
  • want to arrange and pay for support services themselves instead of receiving them from the Council

After school care

Additional needs support package: one day a week as part of a care package.

After-school Club can be booked through St Quintin with an assessment if you need a support care package.

Regular Saturday care

Additional needs support package: guarantees once a fortnight as part of a care package.

Saturday Club can be booked through St Quintin with an assessment if you need an ongoing support care package.

Last updated: 29 November 2019