Behaviour and family support

Behaviour and Family Support Team

We are a community-based team that works with children:

  • aged between 5-18 years who are resisident in borough
  • with a diagnosis of moderate to severe learning disability and/or autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
  • with emotional, behavioural or mental health problems

We provide support and practical advice to children and their families such as:

  • assessments
  • intervention work
  • consultation

Our team includes:

  • clinical psychologists
  • an occupational therapist
  • a speech and language therapist
  • a psychiatrist

How we help

We offer assessments for:

  • challenging behaviours such as aggression, self harm, sleep, sexualised behaviour, toilet, eating problems, and behaviours that limit a child’s access to activities that would improve their quality of life
  • emotional problems like anxiety, depression, anger and phobias
  • language and communication issues that impact on behaviour
  • sensory issues that impact on behaviour
  • family and social issues resulting from the child’s difficulties

After we've assessed your child we offer support such as:

  • behavioural management advice for the home or school and other settings
  • parent support, family sessions and sibling work
  • negotiating key transitions such as new schools, adolescenc and moving into adulthood
  • managing key life events including death, illness and divorce
  • speech and language consultation, and advice on strategies to help a child’s understanding or ability to express themselves
  • occupational therapy consultation and advice on strategies for sensory processing problems
  • anger and anxiety management for the child or young person
  • liaising and consulting other services including schools, Family Services and play or care workers
  • accessing hosptial and dental appointments
  • helping parents or the young person to understand the diagnosis and advising on helpful approaches to problems they are experiencing
  • medication advice

How we work

We start by meeting the child and the parents or carers for an initial assessment. We will talk to you about how we can help you and your child, and agree a treatment plan with you.

After our first meeting we will:

  • liaise with any other support agencies or teams we think can help
  • usually follow up by visiting and observing your child at home, school and other appropriate settings
  • arrange follow-up meetings at our team base or in the family home

Any information you provide remains confidential within the service. We will respect your privacy, religious and cultural beliefs at all times.

We can provide interpreters for families who do not speak English as their first language.

Contact us

You can contact the team to request help by telephone or letter. If you are a:

  • parent or professional, contact the team directly
  • professional who wants to make a referral, call us or or complete a referral form available from the Behaviour and Family Support Team

We are not an emergency service, and are available for advice and consultation during normal working hours.

We aim to make an initial appointment within a month of receiving a referral, or sooner if the request is urgent.