The Families and Communities Employment Service (FACES)

About the Families and Communities Employment Service (FACES)

FACES offers professional and friendly one-to-one support to help you into work, training or education.

Registered users will receive the following support:

  • a team of coaches committed to helping residents find work and develop skills
  • help dealing with barriers to work, such as childcare, housing or benefit advice
  • training and work experience opportunities to build confidence and readiness for work

How we help

On their first visit, your Employment Coach will listen to your work history and work out what kind of work, training or education you want to do. They will also ask you about other areas in your life where you need help or want to improve.

They will meet with you at least once a week for up to six months and help you work out your goals. Your coach will meet with you wherever you feel most comfortable – whether that’s at home or in a local café.

You should have reached your employment goals or tackled your life issues by the end of the six months but you can still contact your coach afterwards whenever you need support on areas like:

  • job searching, CV writing and interview practice  
  • learning new skills including courses, IT training and English language classes
  • advice on benefits and money management
  • childcare support and advice
  • advice on housing
  • referrals to other services that can support you and your family

More information

Call us on 07971026709 or [email protected] 

Last updated: 23 September 2021