Sexual health

Information on sexual health and sexually transmitted infections including details on symptoms and testing

Your sexual health is a key part of your physical, mental and social well-being. Whether you’re in a relationship, don’t have a regular partner or are not currently having sex, taking care of your sexual health is vital.

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

If you are experiencing symptoms of an STI you can find out about our genitourinary medicine (GUM) sexual health services which are available across the borough. They can also provide information on complex contraception options or details if you want to test for HIV.

If you are not experiencing symptoms of an STI, Sexual Health London (SHL) provides free and easy access to sexual health testing via the internet and local venues. You can also visit one of Central and North West London NHS Trust’s (CNWL) clinics where you can also access a range of contraception.

Support and Advice on Sexual Health (SASH)

SASH supports residents to improve behaviour, attitudes, and knowledge around reproductive and sexual health. The partnership also works closely with community reproductive health, contraception, STI screening and HIV treatment to ensure services are accessible and responsive to residents. 

The Freedoms Shop

The Freedoms Shop is available to all residents. The shop is dedicated to helping you have safer sex. They stock a huge range of high quality condoms and lubricants, as well as testing and sampling kits.