Improving your health

Alcohol and substance misuse

Free support

There is a range of free support in the borough if you are worried about:

  • how much you are drinking
  • your drug use
  • the drug and alcohol use of someone you know

The Drug and Alcohol Wellbeing Service

The Drug and Alcohol Well-being Service (DAWS) offers free advice, support and recovery services for residents in the borough who are affected by drug and alcohol misuse.

The DAWS team also provide:

  • support in homeless hostels and supported housing across the borough to engage residents who have drug and alcohol issues
  • support and work in partnership with St Mungos in Redcliffe Gardens where they provide outreach to residents in the Earls Court area
  • targeted work with local policing teams to reach out to street drinkers and rough sleepers

The Alcohol Service

The Alcohol Service provides free, confidential support for anyone affected by alcohol use in Kensington and Chelsea. If you are looking to stop drinking, cut down, or you’re concerned by the drinking behaviour of someone close to you, the Alcohol Service can help.

The Club Drug Clinic

The Club Drug Clinic provides free specialist support for adult clubbers and LGBTQ+ residents who have developed problems with recreational drugs.

If you’re aged 18 or over and are experiencing problems with both your mental health and drug or alcohol use, you can get specialist support from the Dual Diagnosis Team. Call 020 7341 5335 for more information.

Build on Belief

Build on Belief support residents going through drug and/or alcohol recovery. Build on Belief services are run by people who have had their own experiences of drug and/or alcohol addiction and know first-hand what the journey to recovery is like.

Outside Edge

Outside Edge’s theatre group offers people recovering from substance misuse the opportunity to get into drama and theatre.

Support for children and young people

Read about services for children and young people affected by drugs and alcohol.

Find out more

Read more information about drug and alcohol misuse services on People First.

Last updated: 23 February 2023