Complex needs support

Complex needs support packages

We can provide extra support for children with very high-level needs.

The packages are available following an assessment by the Children with Disabilities Team and agreement from the Complex Needs Panel.

Holiday play provision

Complex needs support package: three to five days per week of care.

If your child needs a one-to-one support worker to access either mainstream or specialist play provision, we will undertake a further assessment to identify the most suitable play setting and support level.

Overnight care

This service is aimed at children:

  • with disrupted sleep patterns
  • who share sleeping space with parents or siblings
  • with families experiencing accommodation problems
  • who need a social experience which is difficult to gain through other services

We can provide a basic package for overnight care through short breaks:

  • The Haven: one night stay a fortnight each year 
  • Linden Lodge School: one overnight stay a week during the school term
  • Oak Lodge School: one overnight stay a week during the school term

Residential care

Complex needs support package: fostering and special residential care provision. 

We also offer additional support to children in boarding school placements.

Home care

Complex needs support package: a full day (up to eight hours) of homecare or home sitting.

One-to-one support is provided through an agency worker if a child or young person has significant personal care needs such as following an operation. Support may be set at a higher level depending on the child's assessed need. A package of support of more than 15 hours a week would be unusual.

NHS Continuing Care offer support to children and young people under 18 who need a tailored package of care because of their:

  • disability
  • an accident
  • illness

Direct payments

Direct payments are payments for parents or carers who:

  • have been assessed and need help from social services
  • want to arrange and pay for support services themselves instead of receiving them from the Counci

Family Services allow you to make your own choices to meet your assessed needs, as long as you can manage and record the arrangements.

After-school care

Complex needs support package: three to five days a week of after-school care as part of a care package.

Regular Saturday care

Complex needs support package: weekly Saturday care as part of a care package. This offer is not guaranteed.


You can appeal a decision about our support packages writing to the Head of Service. Your social worker will help you with this. The Head of Service will review your case and make a decision accordingly.

Sometimes we can review your case again with different mix of panel members.

If you are still not satisfied you can make a complaint under the formal complaints process.