A home for life for Council tenants

Monday 2 March 2020

Kensington and Chelsea tenants have been given the security of a home for life after the Council reintroduced lifetime tenancies.

Responding to calls from residents who told us they wanted peace of mind and certainty over their own homes, we have made sure that all existing Council tenants will convert from fixed term tenancies to lifetime tenancies unless they have breached the conditions of their tenancy.

This means they can stay in their homes for as long as they wish, enabling them to build a long-term future within their community.

Previously we offered tenants flexible tenancies for five years and two years in exceptional circumstances. However, our residents have since told us they wanted longer term reassurance.

All new tenants will be signed up for a one-year introductory tenancy before moving on to lifetime tenancies.

This new policy will also free up time and money which will be invested in housing, financial and employment services to benefit our residents and help them play a positive role in their communities. These new services will include more support around debt management, benefits advice and helping residents look for employment or training to help with career advancement.

We have written to all Council tenants to update them on the policy and are visiting tenants to identify how they would like us to support them further.

Cllr Kim Taylor-Smith, Deputy Leader, Grenfell, Housing and Property said:

“We have spoken at length about the need to change as a Council in order to rebuild trust with our communities, however actions speak louder than words. Residents have been telling us that they want more security within their homes and we have now implemented that.

"Over the course of the next year we will continue to bring forward proposals on matters that really matter to our residents.”

In a further boost for resident safety and security, the Council has launched the Smarter Safer Secure Homes pilot project aiming to reduce residential burglaries by providing bespoke crime prevention advice to private sector landlords and managing agents.

The project provides participants with a full inspection of their properties, with those putting recommended security enhancements in place receiving a Smarter Safer Secure Homes certificate.

The benefits of this programme will be passed down to tenants who will ultimately feel safe and secure in their rented accommodation.

If you have questions about the pilot or want to join, please contact David Cunningham, Community Safety Officer – Burglary, at David.Cunningham@rbkc.gov.uk or click here.