Housing Consultations

In Housing, as we develop our policies and strategies, we would like to gain the views of residents and shape our services together. We routinely consult on these so whenever we hold a consultation exercise, you can have your say and tell us what you think. We will use your comments to help us shape our proposals and make recommendations for how we can work together with you to deliver services which are designed to meet your needs.

Current consultations

The Resident Involvement Strategy

Draft Housing Management Resident Involvement Strategy

We would like to improve our engagement with all of our residents and ensure there are more ways you can have a say in how your homes and estates are managed. 

To do this we have developed this draft Resident Involvement Strategy. We would like to ask you some questions to help us understand the type of involvement and participation you would like see.   

To hear more about this, or to speak to a member of our Resident Engagement team please contact:

housingconsult@rbkc.gov.uk or call 07779 567 643

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Housing Asset Management Strategy

Investing in residents’ homes and putting local people at the heart of decision making are key priorities for the Council. Over the last two years we have worked with residents to form a joint asset management vision for the Council and residents.

This vision underpins the draft asset management strategy that has been developed with residents from the Tenants Consultative Committee (TCC) who attended several task and finish group meetings earlier this year.

The strategy takes account of the Council’s wider aims and objectives and also RBKC’s Housing Strategy which sets out the following six strategic priorities for Housing:

  • Supporting Grenfell Survivors
  • Leading the way on health and safety
  • Increasing the supply of genuinely affordable housing
  • Delivering resident-centred services
  • Improving the quality and environmental sustainability of housing
  • Supporting vulnerable residents and tracking and preventing homelessness      

The asset management strategy sets out how we will aim to deliver on these priorities by describing how we will plan and deliver on future investment in both existing and new homes. We would like to hear your views on this as we value your input and want to ensure that residents have the chance to comment on this important document. If you would like to send us comments to housingconsult@rbkc.gov.uk

RBKC Draft Asset Management Strategy


Upcoming consultations

  • Rent collection policy

  • Allocations Scheme
  • Tenancy Strategy
  • Homeless Strategy Action Plan
  • Key worker policy

This page will be regularly updated to include live and upcoming consultations.

Rent collection policy

Over the last few months we have been working on our new draft Rent Collection policy. The policy describes the Council’s aims and objectives, as well as approaches and methodology of collection of rent and arrears from residential tenants. It therefore informs an important part of Housing Management’s activity, which provides the main revenue stream of the Housing Revenue Account.

Collecting income from rent is vital to the Council’s ability to deliver housing services to its residents. We are committed to improving the quality of our homes and neighbourhoods but rely on this income for funding our services. The Council will collect rent and other charges and provide a holistic service to those facing difficulty in meeting their payment obligations.  We will act early and use preventative measures, giving advice and support to our tenants to sustain their tenancies. The Council will adopt a firm but fair approach in relation to the payment of rent and will use all legal remedies to recover the debt.

This policy affects all Council tenants, this means approximately 6,600 tenancies. Therefore, we would very much welcome your views on this draft, so that we can ensure that our approach is fair and that the emphasis is put on how we can help our tenants sustain their tenancies. We will be loading the policy on this page in the coming weeks.


Closed consultations

Housing Management Cleaning Contract

The Council’s cleaning contract with OCS Services Ltd, which covers the communal cleaning of your housing blocks, ends in September 2021. The Housing Management service has been reviewing options for cleaning services.

Residents were invited to take part in the review of the current services by completing the cleaning services survey online.  Your views will help us identify priorities for service improvement and shape the way these services are delivered. A Residents Steering Group, set up last summer has been reviewing the current service provision, and options for delivering the service in future. This includes providing the service in-house, extending the contract with OCS, or retendering.

We had more than 700 responses from thoughts on the way forward. Your input will play an important part in deciding on the best option for providing the service in the future. Thank you to everyone who responded.

If you’d like to be kept up to date, you can make a request to receive briefings and meeting updates as the review progresses. To make a request contact dennis.paul@rbkc.gov.uk 

Housing sustainability and fuel poverty strategy

Draft Housing Sustainability and Fuel Poverty Strategy

We have carried out a survey for tenants and leaseholders to have their say on sustainability within RBKC housing. Your opinions will inform the Strategy and will help us make recommendations for how we can support, empower and work together with residents to tackle environment-related issues in our housing stock

We know climate change and sustainability are important to our residents, and we want to demonstrate our commitment to taking action and supporting residents in reducing carbon emissions and living in greener and healthier ways. To show how we plan to act in the face of the climate emergency, Housing Management have developed a Sustainability and Fuel Poverty Strategy, as a first step towards working together on improving sustainability and energy efficiency on our estates.

The finalised strategy will be published here.