Housing Consultations

In Housing, as we develop our policies and strategies, we would like to gain the views of residents and shape our services together. We routinely consult on these so whenever we hold a consultation exercise, you can have your say and tell us what you think. We will use your comments to help us shape our proposals and make recommendations for how we can work together with you to deliver services which are designed to meet your needs.

Closed consultations

Housing sustainability and fuel poverty strategy

Draft Housing Sustainability and Fuel Poverty Strategy

We have carried out a survey for tenants and leaseholders to have their say on sustainability within RBKC housing. Your opinions will inform the Strategy and will help us make recommendations for how we can support, empower and work together with residents to tackle environment-related issues in our housing stock

We know climate change and sustainability are important to our residents, and we want to demonstrate our commitment to taking action and supporting residents in reducing carbon emissions and living in greener and healthier ways. To show how we plan to act in the face of the climate emergency, Housing Management have developed a Sustainability and Fuel Poverty Strategy, as a first step towards working together on improving sustainability and energy efficiency on our estates.

The finalised strategy will be published here.

Upcoming consultations

  • Allocations Scheme
  • Tenancy Strategy
  • Homeless Strategy Action Plan
  • Key worker policy

This page will be regularly updated to include live and upcoming consultations.