Temporary accommodation, intermediate and accessible housing

We do not have enough properties to house everyone who is in housing need.

We therefore have to put some households into temporary accommodation. It is difficult to find suitable accommodation in the Kensington and Chelsea area, which means we also have to find properties for applicants in other parts of London and sometimes outside of London. Not everyone will be offered temporary accommodation.

There are different types of temporary accommodation. Your personal circumstances and/or the size of your household may affect the type of accommodation allocated to you.

The duty officer or your allocated housing adviser will decide whether or not an offer of temporary accommodation can be made to you. The Council can only offer the accommodation it has available.

If you are being placed into temporary accommodation you will be asked to sign an agreement which sets out the conditions of your booking. You must keep to the terms of the agreement, make sure that you pay your weekly charges and provide all the information needed to process your claim for housing benefit.

Antisocial behaviour, failure to pay charges or provide the information required to process a housing benefit claim may result in you having to leave your temporary accommodation. You will be liable for any costs not met by housing benefit. We provide support services for people in temporary accommodation and you can contact us if you think this would be of benefit to you.

When social housing becomes available, the Council will directly offer properties to homeless individuals and families who have been placed in temporary accommodation. This is in line with our Allocations Scheme and to make sure that we make the best use of the limited housing available. Properties will also be advertised on Home Connections and you can still bid for them.

You could also consider moving into privately rented housing.

When the time does come to move, you may find our information on Moving home useful.