What is a fire risk assessment?

What is a fire risk assessment?

Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs) are a routine process that check the fire safety of buildings and analyses their fire risks.

The Council is required by law to carry out FRAs on all its social housing. The time between assessments varies depending on the type of building being assessed and the type of risk it is exposed to. They can take place every few months or up to every three years.

FRAs identify potential fire risks found at the time the assessment was carried out and the measures that should be taken to minimise or eliminate that risk. Some of the key things FRAs look at are the safety and integrity of exit routes, the structural measures in place to stop or slow down the spread of a fire and whether there is anything inside the building that could start, accelerate or spread a fire.  

By law, anyone can carry out a Fire Risk Assessment, so long as it is suitable and sufficient. However, at Kensington and Chelsea Council, we are committed to carrying out the highest quality FRAs. We use fully accredited professionals, who use industry best practice processes to complete the assessments.

My block is rated as having a medium fire risk – is my block safe?

Yes, your building is safe unless the London Fire Brigade, who we work with closely, say otherwise. ‘Moderate’ is a risk rating applied to many residential housing blocks across the country.