Major Works

Programme of Major Works

The Council has begun an exciting and ambitious seven-year programme to improve their homes across the borough and make them a better place for our residents to live. Financially, we have currently committed £374m to the project. 

Our focus is to carry out works that address health and safety issues first, followed by exterior building such as roofs, windows, walls, and balconies, as well as mechanical and electrical work such as boilers and door entry systems. We are also placing a strong focus on sustainability measures to make our homes future-proof and energy efficient.

What work falls under the Capital Programme?

Capital works, sometimes referred to as major works, improve or repair the communal and structural parts of your building.

Capital works can be split into three categories – major repairs, exterior decorations and improvement works.

Major repairs

These are large, one-off jobs such as the repairing or replacing of roofs, lifts, doors, building entry systems, windows, heating systems, kitchens, bathrooms, refuse bin areas, estate paths, guttering and pipes. Major repairs also include important fire safety works such as fitting flats with new or improved fire doors, smoke alarms and sprinkler systems. 

Exterior decorations 

This work includes joinery repairs, repainting around windows, replacing stone sills and painting outside wood, metal, and brickwork.

Improvement work

This work involves building amenities or provisions that previously didn’t exist. For example, a concierge office or children’s play area. Often these works can be described as “social value” projects as they improve the local area and lives of residents. 

Scheduled work

You can use our online search to find out when works are currently scheduled to take place in and around your property. Please be aware dates are subject to change and budget being available. Internal works such as new kitchens and bathrooms are provided for tenanted properties only and not leaseholder properties.

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For further information, or to ask any questions, please contact the Capital Works team on [email protected]

Last updated: 23 February 2023