Death grant nominations

Nominating someone to receive your death grant

Why nominate?

Nominating someone to receive your death grant means that we will be able to pay it quickly, if the worst should happen.
It means that your death grant will not be liable for Inheritance Tax.

Who can I nominate?

The choice is yours. You can nominate just one person. Or you can nominate more than one person and decide what share each would get. If you choose, you can nominate a charity. Please attach another form if you want to nominate more than two people.
You should speak to a solicitor if you want your death grant to be paid to dependent children.

Can I change my nomination once I've made it?

Yes, just fill in a new form and post it to the Pensions Services, Surrey County Council, Room  243, Penryhn Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 2DN

How much is my death grant?

It depends on the level of your membership in the Local Government Pension Scheme when you die.

Active MemberThree times your final pensionable pay
Deferred memberFive times deferred pension
Pensioner member in the first five years of retirement Ten years’ pension less the pension already paid

Important points to remember:

  • This form is not a will. The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea will want to follow your wishes, but it will use its absolute discretion about who your death grant is paid to.
  • If you make a new nomination, the old one will become invalid
  • In the event of any dispute your death grant would be paid to your estate. This might make your death grant liable for Inheritance Tax
  • If you nominate your spouse but later divorce, the nomination will become invalid
  • If within two years of your death, the RBKC has not paid your death grant, it will be paid to your estate

For more information: email [email protected]

Send the completed form to Pensions Services, Surrey County Council, Room 243, Penryhn Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 2DN

Last updated: 29 November 2019