Prince Philip - Duke of Edinburgh

1921 - 2021

It is with deep sadness that the Council and residents have learned of the death of His Royal Highness, the Duke of Edinburgh.

The death of His Royal Highness, the Duke of Edinburgh.

Black History Month

Black History Month

Credit: ACAVA’s Remembering the Past, Creating the Future, Black History Month 2019 Photo © Ashleigh Ramel

Black History Month 2020 Grants Scheme Awards

The following activities have been awarded grants through the new small grants scheme, launched as part of the borough’s new Culture Plan, marking this October’s Black History Month. Championing the culture and achievements of Black British, African and Caribbean people, Black History Month celebrates these contributions through a range of exciting and inspiring events and activities taking place between 1 to 31 October each year.

A Touch Of Nevaeh - Then & Now: Weddings from Different CulturesA new short film of wedding planners from African and Caribbean backgrounds in conversation about the history and traditions of weddings in their cultures and their families' generational weddings. Produced by Notting Hill Luxury Wedding company A Touch Of Nevaeh

Behind The Groove - Connect to Inspire through Art and the Sacred DrumInteract or observe an art workshop with Artist and Holistic Therapist Heather Lileath with sounds of the sacred drum for mindful meditation and creative direction.

Hundred Heroines - Black HeroinesAn educational activity and visual resource based on the work of African photographers, examining the cultural and historical importance of the photographers’ work. Participants will be encouraged to explore historical connections and make comparisons across African identities as a basis for investigating their own identities through a series of creative responses. In partnership with African artists, an internationally acclaimed film producer and UK teachers from different disciplines, so that the resources can be adapted to supplement curricula for Art, English and History.

Fetter Lane Congregation - 500 Years in Chelsea, Africa and the CaribbeanThe project will explore the history of Moravian Close, the Fetter Lane Congregation and the connection with Africa and the Caribbean over the past 500 years, with a particular focus on the Tudor, Stuart, Georgian, Victorian and post-World War II eras, with contributions from the congregation and institutions including the British Museum.

Pavilion Hive - Afrikan Holistic Health: Be Your Own Health Advocate4 x 90-minute seminars providing an organic approach to healing, holistic health & wellbeing for the ‘Afrikan’ community, which suffers considerable health inequalities that COVID-19 has exacerbated. Seminars will provide information and resources that raise awareness about a range practical options for a healthy lifestyle, share knowledge about the science of genetic differences and measures to address health disparities, explore historical health disparities and encourage self-advocacy and learning lesson that will positively influence our current health options. In partnership with Portobello Radio, SteamCo & Muse Gallery

Urbanwise.London - Portobello Road Black History Walk A new short film of local young actor and musician Emmanuel Simon as your guide along Portobello Road, telling the story of the area’s unique black history.

Amber Joy - I Know YouAn exhibition of portraits and broadcast interviews from an intergenerational project with 10 young people of African or Caribbean descent interviewing 10 older members of the local African and Caribbean community.

Charlie Phillips Heritage Archive - Rootical Review 2020An audio-visual presentation by Charlie Phillips on the last 60 years of the shifting cultural landscape of Notting Hill, including racial integration, the birth of Carnival, poor socio-economic conditions, musical entertainment, 'black' funerals and political activism. Taking place in an accessible venue in north Kensington, suitable to implement social distancing, and/or online via Zoom, streaming via Facebook Live and YouTube Live.

Chelsea Theatre - Celebrating Unsung HeroesOnline exhibition  of new photographs of black unsung heroes from the World's End Estate, displayed alongside images of famous people of African and Caribbean descent such as Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks. “Our local teachers, nurses and community workers deserve their place next to these important faces because their work is just as important to our community.”

Harrow Club W10/ Chelsea Youth Club SW10 – We Are OneUsing music and food to explore black history, visiting black-owned businesses such as Dark Sugars, The Sugar Museum, Tracks Records, and Relly’s Bakery. The visits will enable young people to explore the history, influence and impact of black African and black Caribbean food in the UK and how food is used to bring people together.

Fox Carnival - The Joy of Notting Hill CarnivalLocal artist Fiona Hawthorne turns her renown art installation Aspects of Carnival into an interactive, colourful, informative and educational celebration of Notting Hill Carnival.

K+CAW - Love Kensington + Chelsea MuralAn annual public art initiative, Mural #4 will use a hoarding on Freston Road as its site. In response to the Black Lives Matter movement and as part of our efforts to redress the systemic underrepresentation of black artists, KCAW invited curator Bolanle Tajudeen to curate a collaborative mural by two black female and nonbinary artists. Tajudeen selected Linett Kamala and Azarra Amoy to present three ideas exploring local heritage and social justice issues. The winning design will be selected via public vote.

Lancaster West Residents' Association - Celebrating Black HistoryLive event in the North Kensington Resource Centre plus Live streamed event from the North Kensington Resource Centre include storytelling for children, live music and drumming for all to improve morale and help tackle social isolation and loneliness caused by the pandemic.

Portobello Dance School - Virtual Classically BritishThe annual Classically British Showcase goes virtual, with a week of dance and choreography sessions, culminating in a special virtual showcase streamed online.

Portobello Radio - Canboulay & the Birth of the Mas CharactersA series of radio broadcasts telling the history of Carnival by illuminating the stories of Mas characters, still portrayed at Notting Hill Carnival today.

UFO Steelband - The Music of CarnivalAn interactive performance sharing the history of Carnival music.

Wornington Green Community Group - Celebrating Black History - Past, Present, FutureA series of activities including workshops on influential black people who have helped to change the world we live in, a mental health awareness workshop for people to share their experience of how this issue has affected them or members of their family, facilitated by a Mental Health Professional, story-telling workshop for older residents who emigrated from the Caribbean in the 1960s and a finale event with poetry and music.

Tip Top Dance School - Dance RootsFree online workshops to introduce and give a historical context to dance styles rooted in African Dance cultures, from Jazz to Popping, Locking, Samba and Break-dance.

Simone de Gale ArchitectsAn online lecture on opportunities and successes of a career in architecture. Simone is of Black Caribbean heritage, it is intended the lecture will inspire in young people considering career options on the opportunities and successes of an established architect.

The UCAN CICAn online discussion with artists sharing their experiences from the world of music, filmmaking, directing, acting and fine art, recorded and shared online.

Tandi Fashion - The History of East AfricanJoin fashion designer Thandi OJeer for an online workshop on the history of the traditional East African 'Kanga' fabric, including cutting techniques, print placement and sewing.

Women’s Association For Networking and Development - Black Women in PoliticsRaising awareness of the role of politics in Black women’s lives by listening to the stories and journeys of a panel of Black female politicians who can serve as role models to inspire our users and give them an opportunity learn about the significance of the ballot box and casting their vote, taking place on Zoom.

Nunique Academy - History For AllFour new short films filmed locally that celebrate the impact that Black people have had in the UK; each film will have a different theme - culture, education, business & pre-Windrush.

The Portobello Group of Artists - Notting Hill Visual Arts ExhibitionThree-week visual arts exhibition at 153 Portobello Road, showcasing a range of work from local artists.

Manhood Academy - Black Panther EmpoweredA full day interactive multimedia workshop using the Black Panther movie as the basis to teach Black history and self-development to young people, encouraging the children to explore the superhero within.