Memorial benches scheme

The Leisure and Parks Department operates a memorial benches scheme for some of its parks and cemeteries. 

You can donate a memorial bench to most of the Council’s parks, gardens and cemeteries subject to the following requirements below. 

Parks, gardens or open spaces

Parks that currently have space for new benches

  • Avondale Park, 8 Walmer Rd, Notting Hill, London W11 4EY
  • KMP - Kensington Memorial Park, Saint Mark’s  Road, London W10 6BZ
  • St Luke’s Garden - 31 Britten St, Chelsea, London SW3 3UD

Parks which you cannot donate memorial benches to

  • Green Park
  • Hyde Park 
  • Regents Park
  • St James’s Park

Holland Park

We do not have any more space for memorial benches in Holland Park W8.

Other parks and gardens

There are other parks and gardens where the type of memorial bench needs to be varied from the standard bench, this office does not deal with memorial benches for private gardens.


If you are intending to donate a memorial bench to one of the Council’s cemeteries you should be aware that you may not be permitted to place the bench immediately adjacent to the grave or grave's for which you have a right to bury if this is liable to cause an obstruction to other grave owners.

Also, if there is another interment adjacent to the grave or graves the bench may need to be moved to allow for the interment.

To book bench in Gunnersbury Cemetery please contact:

Bench style

bench Inscription example.jpg

The bench will be a six-foot (1800mm) “Clova” hardwood bench, manufactured from sustainable sources. The bench will be stained in a teak colour and treated with preservative. The cost of the bench is £1030.00 (cost in 2021/22 financial year), this includes annual maintenance, consisting of a power washing and a further treatment of preservative. For 5 years from date of installation.


There is also an additional charge for the inscription, which can range from £100 - £400 plus VAT extra depending on the length of inscription. There are three rails where the message of your choice can be inscribed into the wood, therefore it will not be placed on a plaque.

Aftercare and Maintenance

The Council will maintain the bench in line with its standard maintenance schedules. The Council will guarantee the bench against damaged or if stolen within the first 24 months of installation this shall be replaced at the Council’s expense. However, if after this period a bench is damaged beyond repair, the Council will remove it and inform family members listed on our database and also to seek clarification as to whether the family intend to donate a replacement bench. A replacement bench will be at the standard charge applicable at the time.

Timescale and Cost

The cost of the memorial bench will vary according to the length of the inscription with an average cost of £1030.00 (cost in 2021/22 financial year). This price does not include delivery charges and inscription costs for a standard bench, delivery is 8 to 12 weeks from when a 50% deposit is received and order placed with our supplier.

Delivery cost £90 plus VAT (cost in 2021/22 financial year) from our suppliers in Scotland and will normally take 8 to 12 weeks from the date of order. An inscription that you would like on the bench and a 50% deposit is required before an order can be placed with the supplier.

Before you apply

Before submitting any application please email to verify site and location are acceptable. We do not control the Royal Parks (i.e. St James, Green Park, Hyde Park or Regents Park). Nor can we accept benches for private square's or gardens within the city.

We will arrange for an invoice to be sent to the address provided but the bench cannot be order until we have confirmation that payment has been made from our finance division.

The Council will make every effort to maintain the bench but as it will be installed on a public site it cannot be held liable for any damage or vandalism. The Council will guarantee the bench against defect for a period of five years only from the date of installation.

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