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Regular Events

Aloud in the Cloud shared reading group

  • Thursday, 2pm to 3pm

Aloud in the Cloud is a weekly shared reading group. Come along to hear us read aloud some of our favourite stories and poems. 

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Special Events 

Webinars with the National Careers Service – Thursdays 6, 13, 20 and 27 August, and 10 September

We've teamed up with the National Careers Service to bring you a series of online workshops to help you get that job.


The hidden job market - Thursday 6 August, 2pm to 2.40pm

You could be missing out on a range of vacancies in the hidden job market. Having difficulty finding the jobs you really want?

This webinar will help you see the different ways you can find opportunities and strengthen your job search.

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Uncover your potential - your transferable skills - Thursday 13 August and Thursday 10 September, 2pm to 2.40pm

Time for a career change? You have skills you don't even know you have.

In this session, we start by asking ‘where do I begin – how do I know what careers suit me and how can I demonstrate to an employer that I am right for their job?'


LinkedIn for job searching - Thursday 20 August, 2pm to 2.40pm

LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for job searching. Networking is key to establishing your online presence and contacts with professionals.

This overview will help you assess ways to improve your profile and increase your career potential.

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Redundancy – how to get back on track - Thursday 27 August, 2pm to 2.40pm

Facing redundancy or newly redundant? There is hope after redundancy.

Join us for this webinar where you can explore ways to reflect, research, make decisions and start to think about how to build your strategy for the next season of your career. We offer practical advice on how to return to a similar role, or start something fresh.

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Interviews, all you need to know - Thursday 3 September, 2pm to 2.40pm

Doing well in interviews is a skill that can be learned.

Join us for this webinar where you can explore way to research and prepare for an interview. We'll discuss the questions you may be asked and provide advice on how best to prepare to give it your best shot. The best advice is prepare, prepare, prepare, and we'll show you how.

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Personal branding: you are your brand - Thursday 17 September, 2pm to 2.40pm

Branding is a tool to help your succeed. We've teamed up with the National Careers Service to bring you a series of online workshops to help you get that job!

Effective branding gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive job markets. This introduction will help you review how you are presenting yourself and how you can improve your brand.

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Public sector applications - Thursday 24 September, 2pm to 2.40pm

Public sector applications can be a challenge, but there are many opportunities available, so don’t give up.

This webinar will encourage you to persevere and afterwards provide you with a guide so you can learn about the process and be prepared for it.

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Panoramic Tour of Rome with Olga - Tuesday 11 August

  • Tuesday 11 August
  • 6.30pm to 7.30pm

Stuck at home? Get to know Rome in an hour with a professional tour guide and lover of art, Olga Cuckovic.

Join us for this Panoramic Tour of Rome and get to grasp the size of the city itself and abundance of most diverse and inspirational sites and monuments.

Wander through the medieval alleys, stand in awe in front of the famous Victor Emanuel II monument, admire the view of the Ancient Roman Forum and have a peak into the St. Peter’s Basilica. We'll wrap it all up with the mighty Castel St. Angelo.

Art Deco Metropolis, virtual tour of New York - Wednesday 12 August

  • Wednesday 12 August
  • 6.30pm to 7.30pm

Stuck at home? Come along to this virtual tour of Art Deco New York with author Anthony W. Robins.

The Chrysler Building, the Waldorf-Astoria, Rockefeller Center – these are among the hundreds of Art Deco monuments which helped create the image of New York City as the world’s Modern Metropolis in the 1920s and 1930s .

In New York, Art Deco evolved through a series of Manhattan skyscrapers into the city’s chief architectural language. Today, New York’s Deco buildings survive as prized remnants of a distant yet modern past that still help define the city’s visual identity.

A native New Yorker, architectural historian and former long-time staff member of New York’s Landmarks Commission, Anthony W. Robins' most recent book, New York Art Deco: A Guide to Gotham’s Jazz Age Architecture, won a New York Society Library New York City Book Award in 2018. Antony is a popular leader of architectural walking tours, he specialises in Art Deco, having organised series for many organisations, including the Art Deco Society of New York of which he is a long-time member and current Vice-President.

Chelsea Library’s book club – Thursday 20 August

  • Thursday 20 August
  • 6.30pm to 7.30pm

Join Chelsea Library’s book club for their monthly meeting. This month they’ll be discussing: Serotonin by Michel Houellebecq.

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The Writing Hour with author Joy Rhoades – Monday 24 August

  • Monday 24 August 6pm to 7pm  

Want to write but having difficulty finding focus? Then join other creative writers once a month, for an hour of silent focused writing. The coordinator, writer and writing teacher Joy Rhoades, will provide a short introduction, which will be followed by 40 minutes of silent writing. Joy will provide a writing prompt too, for those who wish to try a writing exercise.

The writing session will end with volunteers reading a few lines of their work and with a check in to see how writers fared with their time.

These monthly sessions are intended to help you kick-start your creative week with some writing.

Introduction to GRANTfinder - Wednesday 26 August

  • Wednesday 26 August - 11am to 12pm

GRANTfinder is Europe's leading and most advanced grants and policy database which brings together funding opportunities and related policies across the UK.

It is used by private businesses, small and large, as well as consultants and charitable, voluntary and public sector organisations to search for funding or support others.

In this session you will be shown how to:

  • Run a search for funding available for your area of interest
  • Save a search
  • Produce reports
  • Set up news alerts
  • Q&A

Join our free webinar on how to get the best out of GRANTfinder and use it to support your funding needs.

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World Trade Center with Anthony Robins - Friday 11 September

  • Friday 11 September 6.30pm to 7.30pm

It's been 19 years to the day since the Twin Towers are no more. Now that almost two decades have passed since the disaster of September 11 2001, and a new World Trade Center rises on the site, we can begin to remember what the original was like — 'a city-within-a-city' that housed 50,000 employees, and welcomed 80,000 to 100,000 visitors every day to its Twin Towers, briefly the tallest structures in the world.

This lecture reviews the story of the Trade Center's creation: post-World War II Downtown redevelopment, the origins of the Trade Center concept, the search for an architect, the evolution of the design, the urge to build the world’s tallest buildings, the engineering feats required for the towers’ construction, and the critical response.

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Self-Help Book Club - Saturday 12 September

  • Saturday 12 September 10am to 12 noon

Self-help books are some of the most popular and most borrowed books of all genres. People love to read about how they can improve their health, their attitudes and their lives in general. So many people read self-improvement books, but how many actually attempt to put some of what they've read into practice?

The Self-Help Book Club aims to do just that - help you help yourself by discussing ways in which theory can be put into practice. This month the group will be discussing: Brilliant Coaching by Julie Starr.

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