Love Actually the gift of privacy

Monday 23 December 2019

The owner of the house used in the famous scene between Andrew Lincoln and Keira Knightley in 2003’s Love Actually is growing tired with the stream of Instagrammers on their doorstep. The Council is stepping in to help protect the resident’s privacy and encourage visitors to try out other famous locations in the borough.

The Council has made a parody video, encouraging people to visit alternatives, such as Portobello Road, used in the 2014 Paddington movie and its 2017 sequel and home to the world-famous market. They are also pointing visitors towards the beautiful Kensington Gardens, the location for the famous fight scene between Colin Firth and Hugh Grant in the second Bridget Jones’s Diary film.

Visitors are arriving in droves to the home in Notting Hill, with Instagrammers, photoshoots for weddings and tourists, some even in guided groups. Recent videos by high profile political candidates, including the Prime Minister, have heightened interest in the home too.

An RBKC spokesperson said:

"We want to help to protect our residents’ privacy. Our borough is home to so many famous scenes from well-loved film and television. There’s loads to see, so we’re encouraging visitors to give the owners of the ‘Love Actually house’ a break and try out Portobello Road or one of our beautiful parks instead.

“But if you do visit, our residents would like you to pop some change in their collection box, which will go towards local causes this Christmas.”

For those who do visit the house, the owner asks for donations to help local causes this Christmas, particularly homelessness charities.

Donations have already supported the refurbishment of a piano used by the Grenfell community and local foodbanks.

The homeowner, who has requested not to be named, said:

“I had no idea this house was in the film when I bought it before the Instragram craze and now I am living under a blanket of selfies, tour guides and a queue of tourists lining up to take photos on weekends. They even walk into my house if the door is open thinking it’s some sort of theme park.

“Trying to make a good thing out of this intrusive situation I am asking that people respect the fact that not everyone has a home over their head this Christmas and donate to homeless charities, either themselves or through the little pink box outside. I have helped several people into shelters and all proceeds go to local good causes.

“Those who make money out of bringing tours round to the mews, sometimes in a blacked out minibus, for their own personal gain should think twice. As the sign outside says: the Karmapolice will notice and so will Santa.”

Watch the video on YouTube.