Additional round of consultation for new homes at Edenham site

Published: Friday 19 March 2021

Edenham Aerial (Angled).JPG

Cllr Kim Taylor-Smith, Lead Member for Grenfell, Housing and Social Investment, said:

“The second round of consultation into new homes on the Edenham site in North Kensington is ongoing and runs until Thursday 25 March. To date we have received 75 feedback forms as well as comments from our live chat and stakeholder meetings, but there is still time for those who haven’t had their say to do so.

We are always learning, including about how to work best with our residents.  Our approach to co-design is based on each partner in the process making the contribution which only they can.  This brings the architects’ technical design skills together with the community’s unique knowledge of the area and how it works, along with the Council’s understanding of the borough’s wider housing needs.  We are learning from each scheme – including our Phase 1 sites, where building is about to start – about how to work together to build new homes and community facilities that everyone can be proud of.

A residents’ steering group (The Cheltenham Estate Community Steering Group (CECSG)), has been set up by CoMMET (The Council of Meanwhile, Metronomes, Edenham and Trellick). It represents the local community who live, work or use the space around the Cheltenham Estate, in the ongoing consultation for new homes at Edenham Way. The group has been set up to review the plans for the Edenham site and we are meeting with them regularly until we submit a final planning proposal for the site.

Given the comments and feedback and level of interest I’m hearing from residents around a variety of matters including the height of the proposed buildings, number of homes on the site and the potential re-provision of the graffiti wall and public art areas, we will be adding an extra round of consultation for this site. We are also hoping that we will be able to have face to face meetings where we can talk through the latest plans should Covid restrictions allow. We are aiming to start this additional round of consultation by the end of April.

Before that consultation starts, we will be producing a report capturing feedback from the most recent second round of consultation which will be published on our website. Following the third round of consultation we will take on board the further comments and feedback received during the consultations and meetings with the steering group, and present revised proposals for further comment before a planning application is submitted.”

View the video presentation and slides which provide details about the latest proposals for the site and show how we have adapted the plans following the first round of consultation

We’d also encourage anyone to complete our feedback form before Thursday 25 March 2021.