Affected by flooding? Tell us if you would be interested in flood protection measures at your home

Published: Thursday 21 September 2023

We are aiming to instal flood protection measures in eligible homes from spring 2024, after receiving funding to help residents.

This follows the Thames Regional and Coastal Committee allocating funding to Kensington and Chelsea Council to help improve flood resilience, after the devastating impact of summer flooding in July 2021 in parts of the borough.

People living in Kensington and Chelsea can express their interest via a short questionnaire until 30 September 2023. After that there will be several stages to determine which homes get the funding and to finalise the designs, followed by installation in spring 2024.

What are flood resilience measures?

Property resilience measures are methods used to reduce the impact of flooding on a property.

These include:

  • Flood barriers which prevent water from entering openings such as doors and windows. They are removable and can be put in place when there is a flood warning in place
  • Flood proof air brick covers allow air to circulate but close shut when flood water is present, replacing traditional air brick covers which can let water in
  • Non return valves stop water entering through the sewer connection.
  • Toilet bungs are inflatable devices that can be installed temporarily to prevent flood water from escaping through toilets.
  • Pumps can be used during flooding to discharge water and help to reduce the impact of flood damage.
  • Flood doors are designed to prevent water from entering when they are closed and locked, unlike normal doors which do not provide a water-tight seal.

How to express your interest

Follow this link to our planning pages find out more about the eligibility criteria, the timeline for the project and to complete the questionnaire.