£250,000 for Grenfell community employment support

Monday 15 March 2021

The Community Works programme allows residents to help select their top priority projects to be allocated £250,000 to support local people into employment.

As part of the Grenfell Recovery Strategy, Community Works was set up to support residents directly affected by Grenfell into employment or self-employment.

Council officers have been working to co-create the Community Works programme with residents since 2019. Through workshops and small groups over several sessions, residents shared their ideas and the key needs for support.

This has resulted in a shortlist of eight projects:

  • Into Work – Employment advisers working in the community
  • Ready for Work – Job preparation and mentoring
  • Build Yourself Up – A confidence building programme
  • Run Your Own Business – Enterprise bursary scheme
  • Pathways Into Work – Preparing for work in specific sectors
  • My Community Business – Advice and expertise to develop or launch a social enterprise
  • Community Works Events Programme
  • Work Tasters for Young People

Residents in the community are now invited to share their top two projects by email and in discussion at the next meeting of the Grenfell Assembly. The most popular projects will share a total of £250,000 funding.

Cllr Catherine Faulks, Lead member for Economy, Employment and Innovation said,

“This programme is one of the first for employment and skills to be fully co-created with and by the community. We’ve spoken with residents every step of the way to be able to address specific needs and best use the funding to support these.

“It is important to hear from as many members of the community as possible on what projects we should commission this year to get people on the right track for better jobs and opportunities.”

The next Grenfell Assembly meeting on Monday 22 March will focus on employment and skills support, with discussions and input from residents on the Community Works projects. The Assembly will also feature representatives from Morley College at North Kensington and the Department from Work and Pensions to share information, advice, and hear from residents.

Find out more about the next Grenfell Assembly meeting on our website.

You can find out more Community Works, the eight potential projects for commissioning and share your feedback via email on our dedicated webpage on Employment and Skills.

Please make sure to share your feedback by Friday 9 April for it to be considered.