Budget proposals agreed by Leadership Team

Thursday 13 February 2020

Kensington and Chelsea Council's budget will be voted on by Full Council on 4 March, following agreement on the proposals by the Leadership Team last night (12 February). Grenfell recovery will remain a top priority, following last year’s decision to spend £50 million on Grenfell recovery over five years from 2019/20. This is front-loaded, meaning £12 million spent last year will be matched again in 2020/21.

The Council is expected to invest £714 million in roads, infrastructure, environment and buildings in the next three years, including:

  • £259 million towards building new homes and building more temporary accommodation
  • £197 million towards renovation and refurbishment of current council housing
  • £36.5 million for Barlby School – the borough’s first school dedicated entirely to supporting children with special education needs
  • £20 million to invest in our highways, streets and parks
  • £20 million to invest in Council buildings for the long term, including making them more energy efficient
  • £13 million for more secondary school places and investment in three of the borough’s primary schools
  • £6.2 million for day care services to help tackle loneliness and support people to remain independent for longer
  • £7.1 million to support and improve our six children’s centres

The local government settlement for Kensington and Chelsea is expected to reduce by £40 million over the next three years.

The Leadership Team approved a proposed Council Tax increase of 1.99 per cent for 2020/21 plus an additional 2 per cent increase for the adult social care precept – a total increase in Council Tax of 3.90 per cent including Garden Squares and 3.99 per cent excluding garden squares. The proposal takes into account the Council’s ambition to minimise the call on taxpayers and ensures the authority continues to have a Council Tax rate within the lowest quartile.

Following a decision by the Leadership Team, the budget will go to a vote at Full Council on 4 March 2020.

Read the full report to Leadership Team.