Community involvement key in new Grenfell recovery plan

Thursday 10 December 2020

Ongoing collaboration and a community-led response are among the key goals of the next phase of the Council’s Grenfell Recovery Strategy.

The Grenfell Recovery Resourcing Framework, which was agreed at last night’s Leadership Team meeting, sets out the key areas of focus and the allocation of funding for the next three years of the five-year programme.

It will also enable the Council to work with partners and communities to shape the next phase of the recovery programme, ensuring the next period acts as a stepping stone towards longer-term change and a proper legacy from the Grenfell tragedy.

A summary document published alongside the paper highlights the Council’s desire to work with the community as an equal partner, allowing local people to be more involved in shaping and controlling their recovery as well as ensuring the remaining funding has the maximum possible impact.

It details the Council’s commitments to the recovery, the tailored support that will be offered to bereaved and survivors and the programmes for the wider community.

Copies of the summary will be distributed to North Kensington residents once finalised, but the document can also be viewed online and the community is encouraged to provide feedback.

If you would like to share your thoughts or be involved in the next phase of the programme, email You can also contact specific teams using the following addresses: