Download the new NHS app and help protect lives

Thursday 24 September 2020

The free NHS COVID-19 app - a vital tool in helping us all protect lives and live them as safely and normally as possible - will be available from today (Thursday 24 September)

The NHS COVID-19 app is part of the NHS Test and Trace service and will be used, alongside traditional contact tracing, to help notify you if you have come into contact with someone who tests positive for Coronavirus. The app will allow you to report symptoms, order a coronavirus test and check in to venues by scanning a QR code. 

It is important to remember that the app helps the NHS track the virus, not individuals. Any data shared with the app is held on your phone. Nobody, including the government, will know who or where you are, or have been. You can delete the app and all data at any time.

The app uses Bluetooth so shouldn’t drain your phone battery, especially if you normally have Bluetooth enabled.

More information can be found on the NHS website

Don’t forget, the most important thing we can all do to prevent the spread of the virus is to remember the basics – wash your hands, wear a face covering and make space.