Download our Holiday Services Guide 2020

Monday 14 December 2020

In advance of the holiday season, Kensington and Chelsea Council has produced a Holiday Services Guide that has gone out for delivery to all residents from Saturday 12 December.

The Coronavirus has made this year a challenging one, changing the way some of our services work and how residents interact with the Council. This continues to be an ongoing change and over the Christmas period, Council services will continue to shift in availability.

To make sure residents continue to have an easy time contacting us, this new Holiday Services Guide features contact details and helpful information about Council services and their hours of operation over the Christmas period.

From Thursday 24 December to Monday 4 January 2021 learn what will remain the same and what changes will affect the Customer Service Centre, Rubbish and Recycling collections, Libraries and more. This guide is a one stop shop to make sure all residents have access to and are aware of the level of support the Council has to offer.

If you have yet to receive your copy, you can download the Holiday Services Guide 2020