Fire safety on the agenda for Housing and Communities Select Committee

Monday 20 July 2020

The Council’s ongoing drive to achieve the highest levels of fire safety will be discussed at July’s Housing and Communities Select Committee meeting.

A report to the Committee, which meets on Monday 20 July, will highlight the progress made since the Council introduced a fire risk management strategy in December 2019, including the steps it has taken to meet the recommendations from Phase One of the Grenfell Inquiry.

Ten key developments include:

Gaining third-party certification

The Council’s fire safety team has achieved BAFE SP205 certification, which demonstrates sector-leading competence. Kensington and Chelsea is the first local authority to achieve this standard. We have also joined the Fire Industry Association after demonstrating competency in managing, reviewing and assessing fire risk assessments.

Preparing emergency plan leaflets for all residents

Following engagement and consultation with residents, leaflets detailing the evacuation procedures and arrangements for each residential block are being delivered to residents and are available on our fire protection and prevention page.

Completing Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs) and Premises Information Boxes (PIBs)

We are on track to have PEEPs in place for all residents of high-rise buildings who require them by December 2020, with PIBs installed in all buildings over 18 metres by the end of September 2020.

Drafting Building Safety Cases (BSCs)

BSCs have been drafted for all buildings over 30 metres and work commenced on drafts for buildings between 18 metres and 30 metres.

Installing wayfinding signage in all buildings over 18 metres

In addition to installing wayfinding signage in all buildings over 18 metres, we plan to design, produce and install signage in all buildings between 11 metres and 18 metres by June 2021.

Creating a new programme of fire risk assessments (FRAs) and an online portal

A new contract for FRAs has been issued and internal and third-party quality checks have been implemented. Residents can now search for and view FRA executive summaries online.

Carrying out ongoing fire safety works

This includes compartmentation, fire door remedial work and installing fusible link cut-offs on bin chutes.

Continuing our programme of fire door replacements

950 flat entrance and communal fire doors have been fitted so far, with 1,600 more in the survey, design and manufacture process.

Implementing standards to ensure high-quality procurement of goods and service

This includes suppression systems on all new homes, regardless of size, a ban on combustible materials on external walls of all buildings and the use of registered competent fire engineers in design and construction work.

Building a strong working relationship with the London Fire Brigade

A close collaborative relationship includes monthly and quarterly meetings and joint work to address fire risks such as balcony fire hazards.