Kensington and Chelsea Council responds to Government announcement on fire doors

1 August 2018

Kensington and Chelsea Council has responded to yesterday's (Tuesday 31 July 2018) Government's announcement that fire doors from five different suppliers have been identified as failing to meet requisite fire performance standards.

We know that this will be concerning for our residents. The Council has been advised that the fire doors failed due to not being tested on both sides, as the regulations stipulate. All councils, landlords and anyone in charge of buildings anywhere in the country will be asked to take action if these doors have been used or installed.

A Kensington and Chelsea Council spokesperson said: “We are constantly reviewing the fire safety of our housing stock and checks will continue to see if any of the named doors have been fitted to homes and we will take urgent action where necessary.

“The Council is embarking on a programme to replace 4,000 fire doors across our estates, at a cost of £3.5m. We have been clear, we will only put in doors that have passed all safety checks and if we are confident they are tested to the very highest standards.

“We will also liaise with housing associations to ensure blocks are either not affected or to ensure that urgent changes are made. We will check temporary homes and general housing stock, but that will take time.

“We have already checked the new homes for Grenfell Tower families. We can confirm that we have not fitted any of the named doors to the new permanent homes of Grenfell survivors.

“Yesterday's announcement is a helpful one and we urge all parties involved to work together to ensure products are as safe as they can possibly be.”