New Earl’s Court team to tackle environmental crime

Monday 2 March 2020

A new team starts work today (2 March) to tackle littering, fly-tipping and engine-idling in Earl’s Court. The 12 month trial will test whether enforcing across a range of environmental crimes deters bad behaviour and cleans up streets in the area.

Currently separate teams work hard to tackle parking offences and littering offences, dealing with over 22,000 service requests from residents. This trial aims to provide a joined-up approach across the teams involved in on-street enforcement activities and will build on the good work being done by the Council's street and parking enforcement officers. 

The initiative comes in response to feedback from residents, who wanted to see officers able to tackle a range of issues in their streets rather than specialising in one service.

Cllr Cem Kemahli, lead member for enforcement said:

"We know most of our residents, visitors and businesses try and help keep RBKC tidy and the air clean. It is disappointing to see some flouting our rules, to the detriment of others. This new team will have the power to encourage against a range of anti-social environmental problems and we’ll be reviewing its impact to see if this new approach deters those that think they can pollute our air or litter our streets”

A cleaner, greener borough is a priority for the inner London borough. In October 2019, Kensington and Chelsea Council set climate targets to be a carbon neutral borough by 2040 and will be aiming to meet World Health Organisation guidelines on air quality.

Earl’s Court was chosen for the trial as a diverse area with cross-cutting environmental issues. The trial will be reviewed and considered as an option across the borough if it has a proven impact to reduce environmental crimes.