New voluntary contribution consultation closed

2 May 2019

Over 1,000 responses have been recieved to a consultation asking whether residents in the highest council tax band, Band H, would like to contribute a little more to the borough. These are now being collated and the results will be announced shortly.

Kensington and Chelsea is a diverse borough, ranging from some of the wealthiest households in the country to some of the most deprived areas of London. All of us at the Council are determined that everyone has the opportunity to make a success of their lives, no matter their background.

This means pupils from all walks of life winning places at university. It means apprenticeships, skills and routes into employment or entrepreneurship. It means investing in the right provision for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities, so they too can achieve their full potential.

This is why we launched the consultation as the voluntary contribution will help establish a charitable fund that invests in people, and helps them build the skills and gain the employment that will improve their lives and the future prospects of those around them