Simple steps to stay safe on your balcony

Tuesday 21 April 2020

With warmer weather on the way and the lockdown still in effect, residents are being reminded not to have a barbecue on their balcony.

All barbecues, including disposables, are a serious fire risk when used so close to a building as they can stay hot for hours and smouldering debris can easily spit off the surface and land on another level of the building.

Balcony fires are more common during the summer months, but there are plenty of steps you can take to minimise the risk by keeping your balcony clear of flammable and dangerous items including:

  • Gas canisters, barbecues and patio heaters
  • Fuel, petrol or equipment that runs on fuel such as generators or gardening equipment
  • Trailing cables, sockets or white goods such as fridge freezers or tumble dryers
  • Glass bottles or mirrors
  • Paints, oils or paint thinners
  • Upholstered furniture, wood, plastic or combustible materials
  • Loose plant pots or plant pots placed insecurely on ledges
  • Curtains or other enclosures on any side of your balcony

Smokers can also stay safe on their balconies by putting out cigarettes completely and disposing of them carefully. Never throw lit cigarettes or butts over your balcony.

For lots more information about fire safety within your home, visit the London Fire Brigade's website.