Statement on Amey cleaners’ strike

8 August 2018

This morning the Council’s chief executive, Barry Quirk, and its lead member for skills and enterprise, Cllr Catherine Faulks, met with cleaning staff outside Kensington Town Hall to listen to their concerns and address points raised by their ongoing industrial action.

Barry Quirk said: “First of all, enormous credit to the way staff have conducted the strike so far. As I said this morning, I will be contacting our contractor Amey today and I hope to keep the dialogue going with all parties.

“To be clear, we are bringing our contract with Amey to an end as swiftly as possible, once we do we will be looking at, and reviewing, the current situation and seeing how we can make pay fairer. This includes a fairer deal for our cleaning staff. It may take time to do this across every other contract we have and we will look to do it in a phased way as contracts end or come up for renewal, but the London Living Wage will be foremost in our minds.

“We are looking at all options for the cleaning service and, whether we bring back cleaning in-house or not, my priority is fair pay whether staff are on an employment contract or a service contract.”