Statement from the Kensington & Chelsea Faith Communities Partnership on Black Lives Matter

Thursday 23 July 2020

After the brutal murder of George Floyd, we stand united as faith organisations, joining together with people around the world, to declare that black lives matter. We believe that all humans are created by God as equal. As we are members together of one race, the human race, racism of any kind is evil.

We recognise as faith leaders that discrimination and systemic racism still occurs in some places of worship, and that we have not always stood with those suffering oppression as we should have done. For this we are deeply sorry.

We believe that now is the time to come together and fight every form of racism, prejudice and stereotyping in all its appalling manifestations. There can be no place for racism in our society. We are committed to listening and learning, praying and acting to work towards a world where racism has been eradicated from all our structures and relationships.