Assisting Afghanistan

Published: Friday 17 September 2021

This borough has a proud history of assisting refugees and asylum seekers. We have put a roof over heads, educated young people, cared for the elderly, and helped people into work so they can live independently and in safety.

The scenes we have witnessed in Afghanistan have got ever more distressing and ever more desperate as the days have gone by, and the Council is eager to contribute to the resettlement scheme for refugees flying out of Kabul at the earliest opportunity.

The leader of the Council has been in direct talks with the Home Office and MHCLG over the last two weeks, to see what is possible and what needs to be done. We are also very keen to work with the Mayor of London’s housing scheme, any housing associations, and also private providers.

The Council has already placed two hotels on standby to receive those fleeing the country, we have now actively searched our own housing stock to look at how we can house those in need.

So far, we have managed to find four high quality homes large enough to house families that are seeking to settle through Government schemes. We are seeking to balance our offer against the acute need to reduce our existing housing lists, and maintain our aims to provide homes for key workers in the borough.

With that in mind, we are also today calling on housing providers in the borough to step forward and do their bit. This includes Housing Associations and private providers.

Cllr Elizabeth Campbell, leader of Kensington and Chelsea Council, said:

“We must do what we can, and we must do it quickly. I have made it clear to partners in Government that we have accommodation and services, and we stand ready to help. My hope is that others will step in and contribute over the coming weeks.”

Once families have been allocated homes in the borough, the Council will also make longer term assessments on their needs and the required support in the long term.


There are a number of charities involved in offer support to those affected by this.