Centre for Public Scrutiny – Independent review of governance

Published: Wednesday 7 March 2018

7 March 2018

After the Grenfell Tower tragedy, Kensington and Chelsea Council recognised the need for change, better decision making, and greater transparency. It therefore commissioned an independent study of how the Council can ensure an effective decision-making and scrutiny system, considering the range of options open to the Council. The study also included consideration of:

  • Community engagement in decision-making;
  • Ensuring the effectiveness of formal council meetings, including opportunities for public and democratic debate;
  • The role, function and resourcing of governance, oversight and scrutiny arrangements.

In this report by the Centre for Public Scrutiny, published on 7 March 2018, the term ‘governance’ is used often. It refers to the way that the council makes decisions and who is involved in making those decisions.

Download the full report:

Read the response by the leader of the council to the report by the Centre for Public Scrutiny.

On 19 March the Centre for Public Scrutiny presented their  report to the Executive and Corporate Services Scrutiny Committee. They have produced a short set of reflections on comments made at that meeting

Please visit the Change at the Council page to read about the changes we are making to improve local people’s involvement in decision making and Council activity. Here you will find information about all the different ways to get involved.