Council Leader commits to driving through culture change

Published: Thursday 1 February 2024

Kensington and Chelsea Council Leader Cllr Elizabeth Campbell has committed to completing a “fundamental culture change” at the organisation as she paid tribute to the bereaved and survivors of the Grenfell tragedy.

Speaking at a meeting of Full Council on Wednesday 31 January, Cllr Campbell said that although “progress” has been made since 2017, people still need to “feel the changes” on the ground.

It comes after Cllr Campbell, Deputy Leader Cllr Kim Taylor-Smith, Chief Executive Maxine Holdsworth and other Council representatives attended Grenfell Testimony Week, which saw bereaved and survivors speaking directly to representatives from the organisations that many hold responsible for the tragedy.

After praising the dignity and eloquence of those who participated in Testimony Week, Cllr Campbell said:


“The one thing I want to make clear tonight is that it isn't enough to just turn up. It isn't enough to just listen. You have to take action.


“For us, it isn't enough if we don't complete a fundamental culture change across the entire organisation we lead. It isn't just enough to turn up, it's what we take from Testimony Week and what we do with it that counts.”

You can view Cllr Campbell's speech below, or read a text version here.