Council will not reinstall Kensington High Street cycle lane

Published: Wednesday 17 March 2021

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The Council’s Leadership Team has unanimously opted to commission research into transport patterns in the post-Covid world and will not reinstall temporary cycle lanes on Kensington High Street.

Council Leader Elizabeth Campbell suggested working with an academic partner on the research which could lead to a feasibility study for travel options in the longer term, during a Leadership Team meeting on 17 March.

Council Leader Elizabeth Campbell said:

“The Kensington High Street scheme was a temporary solution to an urgent problem but permanent changes to our roads need full and proper consultation. This has been a divisive issue and passionate arguments were made on both sides. I would urge people to come together and work with us to find an alternative for our whole community.”

The lane was introduced in October 2020 and was in place for seven weeks. A decision was taken by the lead member for transport to remove the lane in the first week of December.

The Council received correspondence both supporting and opposing the decision. The Leader of the Council asked for a new report including all available evidence to be presented to the leadership team on 17 March to consider the original decision again. The lead member for planning, place and environment did not take part in this new decision.

Read the full report or watch the YouTube video of the meeting.