Kensal Library consultation closes

Published: Monday 1 March 2021


Following our consultation on Kensal Library, 73 local residents shared with us how they use the space and how they felt it could be best utilised in future.

As part of our social investment strategy, we want to ensure residents are getting the most out of local spaces such as our libraries. We’re exploring the idea of a community-led organisation operating in the library to provide additional useful resources to residents and to maintain the financial viability of the space.

The usual library services you’re used to will remain available. There are no plans to close or substantially alter the current offer available at Kensal.

Focus-groups with residents taking place in early March will help us fine tune the details of our approach, which we will then make available to the public.

Thank you to everyone who has joined the conversation and helped us understand how we can make positive changes to the library to improve the lives of residents.

You can find all the latest information on our libraries and how they are affected by the pandemic on the Council website