Ofsted praises "innovative" teams keeping children safe

Published: Wednesday 20 July 2022

Updated: Wednesday 20 July 2022

An Ofsted report published today has found teams and schemes at Kensington and Chelsea Council to be “excellent”, “innovative” and “effective” at protecting children vulnerable to risk and harm both in and outside the home. 

The report notes the service’s strengths:

  • children are supported with “carefully-crafted” safety plans; 
  • “tireless” work with partner organisations and commissioned services; 
  • workers who are “passionate” about creating opportunities for children; 
  • and “well-considered” support for asylum-seeking children.

Ofsted spoke to a number of children and parents during the visit. They told Ofsted how much they value the support they receive during the difficult periods of their lives, and how workers have helped to improve relationships and reduce conflicts both in and outside the home

With local young people who are finding themselves in trouble with the law, workers co-create bespoke plans to help them attend school full time and address the root causes of their issues. Those who have history as youth offenders are engaged with extra-curricular activities to direct them down a path which channels their energy into creative industries.

Cllr Catherine Faulks, Lead Member for Family and Children’s Services in Kensington and Chelsea, said
“I have huge admiration for the hardworking officers in our Children’s Services recognised and praised in this report. They should each be so proud of how they protect children and support families in our borough.

“These teams are continually improving to ensure the safety and harmony of local families. From supporting new arrivals from Afghanistan and Ukraine, to helping families escape the heat this week as we opened up children’s centres with cool indoor spaces, paddling pools and sun cream – our workers are putting children at the heart of everything they do.”

Sarah Newman, Executive Director of Family and Children’s Services, said: 

“This report demonstrates the impact our services are having on the lives of children and families, who told Ofsted how much they value the support they receive during difficult periods of their lives. It’s so heartening to hear this and reflects the skill, compassion and care that our staff bring to this work, and I know staff will continue to build on their strengths to create the best services possible for residents. I am so proud of our staff and the fact Ofsted recognised their excellent work.”

The full report has been published on the Ofsted website.