Primary school places offered for September term

Published: Tuesday 19 April 2022

Parents across the country have heard today whether their child has received their preferred primary school place ahead of September’s new term. In Kensington and Chelsea, more children received their first choice of primary school place this year compared to 2021, with 69.5 per cent securing a first-choice place compared to 66.4 per cent last year.

The percentage of parents whose child was offered a place in one of their top three chosen preferences in Kensington and Chelsea was 91.8 per cent, up from 89.5 per cent last year.

Schools in Kensington and Chelsea are typically oversubscribed due to the high quality of education provided as shown by the good and outstanding ratings awarded by Ofsted, meaning that on average, there are fewer successful applications than in other London boroughs and across the UK.

For more information on the Council’s school admissions process, visit the School Admissions page of the Council website