Reducing Coronavirus spread among those in their 20s

Thursday 17 September 2020

The Council is working with young people, businesses and local groups to stress the importance of following the Government’s Coronavirus safety advice.

Following a rise in the number of positive cases seen in those aged 20 to 29, we’ve been looking at how we can engage young people with the latest guidance and break down the rules to make them as easy as possible to understand.

With so much to remember and regulations being adapted and updated so regularly, it’s understandable that people may have lost sight of exactly what they should and shouldn’t be doing to help control the virus.

If you fall into the 20 to 29 age group, or if you know someone who does, why not take a look at and share some of our latest messaging to do your bit in minimising the spread?

  • We shared an Instagram quiz where you can test your knowledge of the latest rules. You can find it in our Story Highlights on our Instagram profile. 
  • Three young people spoke on video about how important it is that we all stick with it – why not share the video on your Twitter account? 
  • We took a walk around Kensington High Street with Holly, aged 24, as she followed Coronavirus guidelines and offered helpful reminders as to what rules you should be following and where. 

Reducing the spread of the virus is something we all must play a part in. We know there will be situations where it’s difficult, that’s why it’s so important that we act sensibly when we can.

Please keep sharing our material and sending it to your networks to help keep people up to speed on the latest rules.

If you live or work in Kensington and Chelsea and would like to collaborate with the Council to help spread this message, we’d be grateful to hear from you. Email to get in touch.

For the latest information on the Council’s response to Coronavirus, visit the Coronavirus section of our website

Visit the NHS Coronavirus information website for broader information on the virus.