Residents will explore community projects in Chelsea at the next Chelsea Forum

Thursday 29 October 2020

Residents are getting involved in influencing community initiatives in Chelsea at the next Chelsea Forum to be held online on Tuesday 24 November.

Building on the discussions that took place at the first Chelsea Forum on Tuesday 18 February, this meeting will take a closer look at topics and projects that are of priority to the community.

Passionate about making everlasting, positive change within their community, residents focused on topics such as the environment, health, community life sports and leisure, community safety and more.

Councillors from Chelsea Riverside, Brompton and Hans Town, Royal Hospital and Stanley wards will take part in the meeting and update residents on some of the initiatives the council has been working on since the last event. This will include an update a new team of community wardens, a new pilot programme trialling acoustic cameras to enforce against loud and unsociable driving in Chelsea and progress on open space consultations for Chelsea Green and Dovehouse Green.

Following the update from Councillors, residents will break out into smaller groups to discuss five key themes on this forums’ agenda:

  • Community Life & Voluntary Work
  • Community Safety
  • Natural Environment
  • Built Environment
  • Business & Hospitality

Residents will have the opportunity to work in groups with local Councillors to discuss the above themes and new projects that could be advanced further through the City Living, Local Life programme, a Council initiative that enables local people, other community members and Councillors to identify local issues that matter and find practical ways to make their area a better place to live.

If you are interested in joining, the event kicks off at 6.30pm and will be hosted on Zoom. Please RSVP by Thursday 19 November by emailing Please also indicate your first and second choice of the five key themes to discuss during the breakout session.