Response to resident concerns – trees in Wornington Green Estate

Published: Thursday 12 November 2020

The Council is aware that residents in Wornington have raised concerns about the loss of some mature trees in the area, as part of a development by Catalyst Housing Ltd. This development is on course to provide much needed housing for the borough.

In light of the concerns raised, Councillors and officers have reviewed the permission that was granted for the development 10 years ago. The removal of these trees was allowed under the permission and therefore legally they can be removed to allow the next phase of development to be built.

Environmental sustainability is a clear priority for the Council, so we will work collaboratively through every option with Catalyst. It is important for the Council that the replanting will result in a net positive amount of trees within the area of the scheme.

Catalyst will soon be bringing forward their detailed plans for Phase 3 and this will give us the opportunity to reflect residents’ and the Council’s strong feelings to see further environmental improvements for the area.