Smart energy to help residents save on energy bills

Published: Friday 10 March 2023

A new smart city pilot at a North Kensington social housing estate will help residents save energy as they go. New smart thermostats will give residents more control over the temperature and energy usage in their homes, which is currently only possible through manually adjusting individual radiators. 

The pioneering project at Bramley House is part of a £3.1 million funding boost in Phase 2 of the Future Neighbourhoods 2030 programme in Notting Dale. The programme tackles environmental challenges such as poor air quality, lack of green space and biodiversity and vulnerability to climate change and flooding, while addressing health and social inequalities. 

Social housing across the ward will get solar panels in Silchester Estate and Camelford Court on the Lancaster West Estate. Recently the Council announced £14 million to make schools and council buildings energy efficient as part of ambitions for a carbon neutral council by 2030 and carbon neutral borough by 2040.

Other projects receiving funding in Notting Dale include:

  • Retrofitting five schools to make them warmer and more energy efficient
  • New windows on the Henry Dickens estate 
  • Community gardening and cooking classes with a new kitchen garden
  • A household goods redistribution and upcycling scheme
  • Cycle training and community led bike rides
  • Environmental podcasts on community radio station Portobello Radio
  • Arts projects and educational farm trips for young people in Notting Dale.

Cllr Cem Kemahli, lead member for environment, planning and place said:

“We have already started work with our communities to make Notting Dale London’s biggest eco-neighbourhood because we know a green environment is positive for everyone’s physical and mental health. The smart city pilot at Bramley House will give people more control over the heat in their own homes, which is much fairer and will help people be more aware of their energy usage.


“The new projects include some really exciting steps towards making Notting Dale a carbon neutral neighbourhood. From a community kitchen garden to warmer schools, it’s helping us to make our borough greener, safer and fairer.”

The initiatives will be delivered in collaboration with local and regional partners, including Rugby Portobello Trust, Bikeworks, The Space, Urbanwise, Portobello Radio, Nourish Hub, local schools and residents’ associations.

The work is part of the second phase of the GLA’s Future Neighbourhoods 2030 programme which aims to tackle London’s environmental challenges and double the capital’s green economy. 

In phase two the Mayor of London is providing £784,420 for Notting Dale and the Council has secured a further £2.375 million with internal and external funding. 

In the first phase Notting Dale was awarded £1.42 million from the Mayor of London with the Council securing £1.6 million in match funding from council and other external funding.