Support for cycle lanes in Kensington High Street and Fulham Road

Published: Thursday 20 July 2023

A consultation into proposals for new advisory cycle lanes in two borough locations has found that more than 60 per cent support or partly support new cycle lanes on Kensington High Street and Fulham Road.  

When did the consultation happen and what was it on?

A consultation took place between 15 May 2023 and 26 June 2023. We consulted on proposals to introduce new advisory cycle lanes on Fulham Road, and the eastern and western sections of Kensington High Street as part of our plans for a greener, safer and fairer borough.

The scheme we consulted on was proposed to create space for cyclists, while ensuring that we maintain kerbside access. It involves painted dashed ‘with traffic flow’ white lines without any physical infrastructure.

What did people think of the cycle lanes?

We had 1,775 responses to the consultation, which ran from 15 May 2023 to 26 June 2023. Around 66 per cent of respondents to the consultation supported the measures in full or part for Kensington High Street. On Fulham Road, around 71 per cent supported the measures in full or in part. 

A road safety audit suggested extending the width of the cycle lanes to two metres, wherever this is possible. 

What happens next?

A decision has been proposed to introduce the scheme on both roads. Officers have recommended introducing the proposals, but making the lanes two metres wherever this is possible, as recommended by the road safety audit.

A report has been published on the Council’s website which includes details of the consultation responses, analysed by officers. 

There is a 10 day standstill period, following which the scheme can be implemented on our roads.